Adjustable Bracelet

By Cat Arambulo Studio


8MM Adjustable Standard Size Bracelets

Black Onyx

Profound protection and enlightenment are brought to those wearing the black onyx. It is a stone of strength, enhances feelings of self-confidence and courage. Wearing a black onyx allows you to see the truth of your situation and be empowered by your past. It also brings wisdom where matters of separation, reunion and the wheel of life are concerned.


Lapiz Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth and knowledge. It is a visionary stone which will help develop your intuition, enhance your memory and sharpen your mind. Wearing this stone will illuminate your deepest desires, support your spiritual evolution and will give you clarity to find or create solutions to problems. This is a gem to wear when getting projects done, engaging in collaborations or in an exchange of ideas.


Yellow Tiger Eye

The Tiger’s Eye is an “all-knowing and all-seeing” crystal revered even as long ago as during ancient civilizations. This stone carries both the energy of the sun, the earth and is said to support you in resisting peer pressure. Wearing a Tiger’s Eye will give you the courage to say yes to new opportunities, help you learn to trust your own judgement and is helpful when making financial decisions. Keep this stone close to you when you want to attract prosperity, good luck or unleash your full potential.



Malachite is believed to protect against radiation and unwanted energy. It is a stone that helps with your body’s energy flow, balance and positive transformation. When worn, expect to have the courage to take responsibility for your actions while enjoying the feeling of being more receptive to unconditional love. Keep your Malachite with you when traveling or if you’re meeting new people. You’ll be more aware of your emotions and intuition.


Product Description: Cat Arambulo Studio Vibe Bracelets are strung on a stretch cord or made with an adjustable string and include our signature logo.

All our pieces are one-of-a-kind and crafted by hand. Some stones may vary in size and color because we aim to preserve their natural beauty and special properties.