Meet Cat

Meet Cat

I put together this mindfully curated collection of crystals, gemstones, stones aka VIBE products so that I can share with you the joys of planting seeds and sharing good vibrations. After almost 40 years of life lessons, I finally found my true passion and purpose -- to share positive energy powered with positive intention. It’s my secret recipe to living a peaceful and meaningful life!

My spiritual journey began in July 2018 after spending six days at the Seduction of Spirit Retreat in Costa Rica with THE Deepak Chopra. Since then, I’ve learned to become more aware of energy, people’s frequency and accept our mortality. The process has allowed me to look deep into myself, practice self-love & forgiveness, live in gratitude and cherish every breathing moment -- NOW.

I believe that all things happen for a good reason and painful events happen to teach us important lessons. We have to trust the process. My path to achieving this renewed sense of bliss? To accept that the only thing we will ever have control over is one’s SELF: our thoughts, actions, reactions & the energy we give to the universe and people around us is so powerful -- and it all starts and ends with INTENTION.

My breakthrough: discovering a stylish way to set one's intentions – by wearing it!

While many people say that there are healing properties in crystals/gemstones, I prefer to focus on the magic of intention and how our stones serve as a conduit to amplify positivity. Whether you’re giving the VIBE to another or use it for yourself - always remember that YOU radiate from within & create your own reality.

Be the change you want to see in the world. NAMASTE!

Cat Arambulo-Antonio