About The Studio

About The Studio

Our Story Birth of a Passion Project

The core of this passion project is to share good energy and only the best of intentions. Cat Arambulo Studio is a narrative—told through various pursuits and passions of its founder, Cat Arambulo-Antonio. The label, just like its founder, captures an ethos for nurturing positivity, embracing wellness and finding happiness from within.

It was only recently when social media personality and entrepreneur Cat Arambulo-Antonio discovered the power of meditation, importance of self-love and good energy. Her experiences were enhanced by gemstones, crystals aka stones. Her spiritual journey and the road to finding inner joy was initiated by her husband Carlo after a series of seemingly inconsequential events. All of these moments and random occurrences paved the way to her life purpose and advocacy. Our Advocacy Positive Mind. Active Body. Happy Heart.

Cat Arambulo Studio aims to serve as a positive force in people’s lives by promoting positive thoughts, an active body and a happy heart. Our goal is to encourage people to find their purpose and wear their intentions. Our Design Philosophy Made with Best Intentions

Cat Arambulo Studio is committed to producing high quality products at reasonable prices. Our pieces are sourced from all over the world – Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Sweden, Czech Republic, Brazil, Australia and many more. Every piece is subject to rigorous inspection and guaranteed to be shipped from our HQ with a lot of love, positive energy and high vibrations.