Meet The Team

Meet The Team

“Nothing is random. Everything comes together for a reason.”
Moments, random events and crossing of path led to the culmination of this passion project. Cat Arambulo Studio was built, first and foremost, by her unwavering desire to share good energy and intentions. This vision was realized through the help of her team whom she also considers as friends and kindred spirits who vibrate at the same frequency.


Olivia Repotente, has worked very closely with Cat to develop the brand, together with her team Studio O. Her keen eye for detail has helped put together the many elements that go into launching a brand — from developing the visual identity, to setting the artistic direction of the website, packaging and yes, even authenticity cards and tissue wrappers.


Also joining the team is lifestyle journalist and entrepreneur Bianca Salonga. Having known Cat since their high school days, Bianca helps chronicles Cat’s journey and many musings to create a voice that can both inform and inspire.


MJ Suayan, who has long been working with Cat on countless campaigns and editorials, is the one who captures the essence of this passionate entrepreneur through his stunning photographs. Through his lens he has captured snippets of this journey so that others may be motivated, and inspired to go on their own spiritual journeys towards inner joy, peace, good energy and best of intentions.